Recipe: Honey sauce, chicken wings

Home Cooking Recipe: Honey sauce, chicken wings


There are already a lot of recipes for cooking chicken wings. I think it would be easier to think of this improved version of my stupid kitchen white. Take it and share it with you.



  1. The chicken wings are washed with warm water, soaked in oil for a while, and a few holes in the AB surface are used to facilitate the taste.

  2. With soy sauce (also can be used, soaked, more colored), cooking wine, star anise, ginger marinated

  3. A spoonful of soy sauce + a spoonful of cooking wine (stealing the good wine of Dad ==) + a spoonful of honey + two spoonfuls of soy sauce (slightly add less salt) + moderate amount of warm water to stir the honey, the juice is successfully brewed

  4. The hot pot does not add oil to throw the chicken wings into the water, and the water and oil are produced. It is easier to cook and use the spatula to press the chicken wings.

  5. The chicken wings are simmered, the pot is washed, the hot oil is sautéed with scallions, ginger and minced garlic, and the octagonal, and the chicken wings are thrown into the stir-fried sauté, and the AB surface is very attractive.

  6. Throw in the simmered sauce, warm the water without chicken wings, and boil over the fire.

  7. Turn to medium and small fire, cook, boil, boil, boil, cook

  8. Collect the juice from the fire, pan out, pour some juice, sprinkle with diced greens, and live together!


1. The time of pickling is 2 hours on the Internet. I have been marinated for one night, put it in the refrigerator, ran in the middle and turned it over. When I eat it, the taste is deeper. 2. After eating, my mom said that this taste is better than the cola chicken wings of the previous few days. I feel that it is more than enough to blow the cola chicken wings and three streets.

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