Recipe: Honey sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Honey sauce


Honey juice is a popular dish in Suzhou and Hangzhou. It is combined with the Qingtang fire side of Yangzhou to be called the north and the south. In the Qing Dynasty, Yuan Mei introduced the practice of this dish in detail in the "Suiyuan Food List". Take the Jinhua ham above, and the honey wine is steamed and fragrant. According to legend, after the Jiangsu governor Yin Jishan had eaten in Suzhou, there was no limit. I can't help but say: The fragrance is easy to get to the household, and the sweetness is abnormal. This stunner is only in the sky! In fact, this dish is a steamed dish, processing time is longer, the practice is not too difficult, there are certain requirements for the knife. The Chinese and American regions have a Chinese New Year holiday, and there are must-have dishes when guests visit.



  1. Take the upper part of Jinhua ham and cut it neatly into a rectangle. Put the ham on the side with the skin facing up, put it on a small fire, burn it to golden, scrape off the browned portion, put it in the rice fire and soften it.

  2. Cut the cleaned ham into a 5 cm wide, 3 cm thick and 1 cm piece. The neat code is placed in a large bowl and the skin is placed. Place the large bowl in the steamer, steam for 2 and a half hours on medium heat, and pour the gravy in another suitable bowl.

  3. Place the rock sugar in the ham bowl, continue to steam for an hour, and pour out the soup.

  4. Put the lotus seeds in the meat bowl, continue to steam for half an hour, and pour out the soup.

  5. Put the wok on the fire and pour it into the lard. When the oil temperature is 50%, put it in the pine nuts and fry it! Evenly spread on the ham slices.

  6. Pour all the broth into the wok, add starch, sugar osmanthus, honey, blend into a thin strip, and evenly spread the broth on the ham slices and you're done.

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