Recipe: Honey plum meat

Home Cooking Recipe: Honey plum meat


Many people may not know plum meat, explain it: Plum meat is the upper shoulder of the pig. When the pig walks, it will move to this part, so the meat is fresh and tender. This piece can be said to be the best piece of meat in the pig. It is said that the meat on each pig is only 5 or 6 kg, 20 cm long, and the cross-section lean meat accounts for 90%. During the period, there are several thin fat pork criss-crossing, so it is particularly tender and fragrant when eaten. It is not greasy at all, its meat is delicious and delicious, and it is not cooked for a long time. Most of them will be used as hot pot and pork. The honey plum meat that I made today is a bit like the taste of pork roast, but it is more tender and juicy than the pork roast. I laid cucumber silk under the honey plum meat, crisp cucumber silk with delicious juicy plum meat, everyone must have the same feeling, after eating the meat, eat some vegetables like cucumber, it will feel special Refreshing. Moreover, the cucumber silk will absorb the taste of the plum gravy water. When it is eaten, it is sweet and crisp, and it is very delicious. After eating a few pieces of plum meat last night, Xiaozhe dried up the cucumber in the lower half. Eat and say: "I didn't expect that cucumber silk is so delicious!"



  1. Plum meat with a tablespoon cooking wine, half a tablespoon soy sauce, half a tablespoon soy sauce, half a tablespoon white sugar, one tablespoon honey sauce pork sauce, a little white pepper, chicken and ginger, mix well

  2. Put in a sealed crisper and marinate in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

  3. Cucumbers are rubbed into silk and laid at the bottom of the plate.

  4. Pan fire heat

  5. Pour a little cooking oil into the pan. After the heat, spread the marinated plum meat in the pan.

  6. Small fire, fry one side and turn over and fry the other side. Place the fried plum meat in a plate with a cucumber bottom. Marinate the plum juice, pick out the ginger, pour it into the pan and boil it. When it is eaten, pour it on the surface of the meat.


Plum blossom meat and even a lot of meat stall owners in the farm are not clear, I bought it at the Tesco supermarket on Jianguo Road, and there is also a joint Kangkang that I have seen and sold.

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