Recipe: Honey barbecue bran

Home Cooking Recipe: Honey barbecue bran


Baked bran has so many pores, and at first glance it is the master who will absorb the sweet sauce! With the fiber-sensitive golden broccoli, the crispy peanut kernels and the stewed black fungus that is already soft, when the usual appetizers and porridge dishes, even a small snack is not a must!



  1. Baked bran is washed repeatedly with water, then simmered slightly with boiling water, and then cut into the size you like. I cut a 1 cm square piece.

  2. Black fungus is picked up into small flowers with water bubbles. Wash the canola with warm water for a while.

  3. Heat the oil pan and add the bran to stir fry.

  4. Add black fungus, day lily, peanut kernels, and then soy sauce, soy sauce, sugar, rock sugar, star anise, fragrant leaves, stir fry and evenly color.

  5. Add water to 2/3 of the ingredients and simmer for about 6 minutes on medium heat.

  6. Uncover, cover the fire with high heat, add salt and chicken sauce to taste.


Baked bran water can remove the smell of beans. A good sweet mouth can be added with the amount of rock sugar.

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