Recipe: Homemade Pure Natural Soy Milk [Simple Quick Hand]

Home Cooking Recipe: Homemade Pure Natural Soy Milk [Simple Quick Hand]


Every time I like it so much! For example, if you just have a hot soy milk, but you can't drink your mouth, I will pour some milk into it! It’s delicious and just cools down! And every time the soy milk is drunk, because the bean dregs are always sticky, how can I avoid the filtration? I will reduce the consistency of the last point with some milk, which is delicious and easy! Recommend it to everyone!



  1. Mix soy milk and milk according to your favorite proportion. If you like milky milk, you will have more milk. If you like normal soy milk, you will have one to one. If you are just waiting for the hot soy milk to drink, then more pure milk. Just casually, just go to the point and don't deliberately take the cup!

  2. Add a little bit of sugar or rock sugar depending on your taste, or add

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