Recipe: Homemade pickles

Home Cooking Recipe: Homemade pickles


This pickles are very good with porridge.



  1. Wash the above materials, cut them with salt 1.2 kg (one bag) for 24 hours, and press them for 24 hours.

  2. Soy sauce (one product fresh) 1.2 kg (one bottle) white sugar 1.2 kg or 1 kg white vinegar half a catty liquor 0.2 kg water 1.2 kg

  3. The above seasoning is boiled, the sugar is melted, and it is cool, and the addition of MSG 0.2 kg into the altar can drown the dish.


1, pressure control is essential for 24 hours, or dry and semi-dry can also be, in short, do not have water. The salt in the light pickles can be reduced appropriately. I use a pound of salt. 2, not limited to white radish, green radish, carrots, garlic, peanuts, garlic, garlic should be simmered, peanuts should be cooked, personally think that cucumber is best, you will know when you eat. 3, do not like acid, vinegar can be reduced appropriately, but do not know how to taste, I put 4 two. 4, the above vegetables are used for 17 pounds, and the ingredients used for the sauce are one and a half. 5, can not eat sugar, sugar, xylitol is also delicious, I used xylitol to make a jar for my mother, the taste is the same. 6, after the cover is tight, do not eat immediately, it is best to leave for a period of time, the shortest to eat after a week. 7, when picking pickles, do not have water on the chopsticks or spoon, so that the pickles are placed for a long time, not bad.

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