Recipe: Homemade old brine

Home Cooking Recipe: Homemade old brine


I like the taste of the stewed dish. I don’t think it’s enough. I bought it from the outside. I asked my family that the spice was cooked before it was cooked. I used to make the marinade and I always have a layer of oil that looks very unclear. I took the method of cooking twice, that is, all the materials of the halogen were first cooked with white water and then the halogen was successfully avoided.



  1. Hot oil, cold oil, heat the oil, add the spices other than dried tangerine peel and ginger onion, stir-fry until the scent is continued. Stir fry for 5 minutes. Remove the spices and put them into the sandbag pocket.

  2. Put the sweet noodle sauce in the pan, stir fry

  3. Disposal of wine, soy sauce, water, sugar and spices, can be cooked for about 1 hour.


The brine that has been marinated in the food is filtered and cleaned. The inside of the container can be placed in the freezer. After the refrigerator is frozen, the next time you want to marinate it, you can take it out and use the above method to refill it. After repeated it, it becomes your own old brine. More fragrant All the foods to be marinated should be cooked first. The meat is best cooked with ginger and cooking wine. You don’t need to cook. Just boil the blood and water, and cook the meat and vegetables in the brine until the food is cooked. Fire so that all ingredients in the brine can be soaked for one night. When you want to eat, boil the brine and remove it.

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