Recipe: Homemade office fitness meal

Home Cooking Recipe: Homemade office fitness meal


Usually work after work, three points to practice seven points to eat, in order to control the oil, I have to cook my own belt, go to work with reduced fat meal, the purpose of less oil and less salt, adhere to half a month can definitely see the effect. In addition to this, you need to add meals, eat less meals, speed up metabolism, add fruit, and whole wheat bread. Shrimp, chicken breast, can be replaced casually, the staple food is also brown rice, coarse grains turn down.



  1. Broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, mushrooms, cut into water, broccoli and cool water to keep green (not overnight)

  2. In order to add a little bit of oil, the mushrooms of the mushrooms are fried with a little bit of butter, add salt and black pepper, and the butter will taste better after being fried.

  3. Boil the eggs after simmering, cut the two halves, the brown rice is best to be steamed overnight, then add some personal corn, sour cucumber, sacred fruit, etc., OK.

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