Recipe: Homemade noodle beef tendon noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Homemade noodle beef tendon noodles



  1. The beef tendon has a cold water bubble for an hour. Squeeze moisture after foaming, control water for 10 minutes

  2. The skin is cold and soaked for 20 minutes. Control water for 10 minutes after foaming

  3. The green bean sprouts are boiled in water and the cucumber is scraped for use. Cold oil, small fire, Laoganma and white sesame slightly fried

  4. Match the necessary beef tendon noodles and noodles, add bean sprouts, peanuts, cucumber silk, pour the spicy sauce, add the sesame sauce, a small amount of soy sauce, vinegar, garlic sauce, chicken essence, salt seasoning


Pay attention to the mixing when foaming to avoid sticking. Bubbles use cold water~

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