Recipe: Homemade Little Sheep Hot Pot

Home Cooking Recipe: Homemade Little Sheep Hot Pot


If you go to the hot pot restaurant to eat hot pot, you can eat more than 100 yuan, but you can eat at least two of them (2 words). [My recipe is my master, simple and delicious is king. 】



  1. First make sure you have an induction cooker at home.

  2. Then there is boiling water, it is better to have old soup or something.

  3. Wait for the water to open, put the hot pot bottom material you bought, and gently stir with a special spoon.

  4. After boiling, add a variety of leeks.


Eat a hot pot and sing a song, you can eat at home whenever you want. It may be difficult to do a little cleanup, but if you eat so much, just work it~

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