Recipe: Homemade kimchi

Home Cooking Recipe: Homemade kimchi


At home, there are seasonal pickles, summer cabbages, winter pickled radishes, and pickles that are inseparable all year round. One can and one can sunbathe against the wall, it is completely mellow. I also tried white blisters, and my skills failed. I also had appetizing delicious kimchi in the summer. So I remembered that there would be bad sautéed radish at home, and I could eat it every other day. If I used rice vinegar, I found that the taste was not bad, at least. Summer is fulfilled.



  1. Washed radish without peeling, shredded; celery washed, cut into strips; millet spicy washed, cut into sections

  2. Put the ingredients into the container, pour in rice vinegar, pepper, a little salt and sugar and mix well.

  3. Seal or cover the plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator

  4. Ready after 2~3 days


1. Rice vinegar is colorless and transparent. Never buy an acid blend. It is recommended that Hengshun vinegar be used in the same amount as the ingredients. 2. The container can be selected as a large lock lunch box, which is not easy to savour. 3. The soup for making kimchi can be used all the time. Every time you add rice vinegar properly, the kimchi tastes better and better. 4. Do not have oil throughout the process.

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