Recipe: Homemade kimchi

Home Cooking Recipe: Homemade kimchi


Sichuanese like to eat kimchi, not as good as Koreans. Korean kimchi does not look like Sichuanese kimchi, and the taste is not as good as Sichuan.



  1. Wash the jar and be sure to check if the jar is leaking.

  2. Pour a certain percentage of salt water into a clean jar

  3. Add pepper, garlic head (not peeled), brown sugar, rock sugar

  4. Add radish, ginger, etc.

  5. Pour high alcohol

  6. Generally, the new jar has to change something a few days later. After half a month, the sour taste of the jar came out.

  7. In the future, it will basically be a 24-hour kimchi.

  8. Many things can be soaked in jars, cabbage, cabbage, carrots, etc.

  9. Every time you add a new dish, you need to add salt and add a high level of wine.

  10. The jar is best placed in a cool, humid place.

  11. Pickles can be eaten directly, or you can add some sesame oil, chili oil, pepper powder, MSG, etc.


Do not touch the oil when washing vegetables, otherwise the jar will break.

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