Recipe: Homemade Chuanxiong compound home-made bean paste

Home Cooking Recipe: Homemade Chuanxiong compound home-made bean paste



  1. Fresh red pepper 10 kg (5 kg of millet pepper, 5 kg of two vitex. Capsicum types can be used as expected), generally purchased between July and August each year

  2. After the pepper is stalked, washed, and dried on the surface, break it with a food processor (do not have to break too much, the size of the fingernail can be)

  3. Add 4 pounds of garlic, 3 pounds of salt, mix 3 of spices (octagonal, fragrant leaves, cinnamon, etc.) and mix well. Dry the sun for a few days, dry the excess water and make the pepper aroma. And turn around)

  4. Mildew soy bean 2 kg (market available), salt half bag, cold boiled water mixed evenly for two days

  5. Note: If you can't buy a moldy cowpea flap, you can also add it.

  6. When the excess water in the chili sauce is dried, add the lettuce oil and mix well. After mixing, the oil can drip the chili sauce.

  7. Continue to put it in the hot sun for a few days, until the oil is pure and fragrant, red and bright, you can use it, save it (put it on the edge of the fish pond, you can't know whether it can become the legendary 'fish-flavored bean' , huh ~~)

  8. Preservation: Put the dried bean paste into the washed jar, seal the mouth of the jar with water, and serve it when you eat it. The preserved watercress can not be broken in a few years. Oh, yes?


1. If you don't want to bother or don't like the taste of garlic, you can't put garlic, but other materials must be added; (Thinking that adding garlic must be the practice in Chongqing, Chengdu seems to be without garlic) 2. Other comrades who do not like to add raw rapeseed oil can be saved and used in this step. Bean paste in the bean paste

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