Recipe: Homemade Chocolate Brownie

Home Cooking Recipe: Homemade Chocolate Brownie



  1. Pour the milk and sugar into the small milk pot, stir until the sugar is completely melted.

  2. Prepare all other materials, put in a measuring cup or other container of 500 ml size or larger, then pour the sweet milk of step one, put the container in water of about 60 degrees, be careful not to get the water into the container. !

  3. After stirring, the cocoa butter cocoa liquid will melt, then stir and stir again~~

  4. After mixing, you can pour it directly into the grinding tool. You can also put the roasted peanuts into pieces, crushed nuts, raisins, whatever you want, put them into the grinding tools, and then put them in the refrigerator for more than 3 hours. Up


1: The container is preferably used higher than the milk pot, and can be placed in the milk pot. The water is placed in the milk pot, and then the container is placed in the milk pot, so that if the water is cold, it can be placed on the fire to heat it, and the small fire is heated. Stir under heating, the water is hot and the fire is turned off. Never boil water! Too hot, chocolate is easy to separate from water and oil. 2: Cocoa powder can be replaced with milk powder. In the first step, the milk powder should also be added, so that it is better to melt. The advantage of this recipe is that the sugar is melted in the milk, so the chocolate that is made later will not have the feeling of eating icing sugar. 3: If there is no cocoa liquid block, you can replace it with cocoa butter and cocoa powder 1:1

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