Recipe: Homemade butter homemade butter

Home Cooking Recipe: Homemade butter homemade butter


There is extra whipping cream to make homemade butter. The liquid part is the traditional buttermilk, and the completely dehydrated solid is butter.



  1. Pour the whipped cream into a deeper bowl, add the salt, whipped with a whisk, and the cream will thicken first, then the liquid and solid will slowly separate.

  2. The liquid is filtered off, and the solid portion is continuously squeezed out of the excess liquid with a spoon, and the more dried, the better. The more liquid that is extruded, the lower the moisture content of the butter. Of course, it cannot be compared with the moisture content of commercial production.

  3. Finally stored in cold storage. The filtered liquid part is the traditional buttermilk, which is good for making bread cakes.


Homemade butter can be added to a variety of spices or ingredients to make a butter spread that suits your taste. 400ml of whipped cream can make about 80-85 grams of butter. Regarding buttermilk, the by-product of traditional butter making is buttermilk. And most of what we can buy now is cultured buttermilk, which is fermented, not a thing.

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