Recipe: Homely simple fried pork liver

Home Cooking Recipe: Homely simple fried pork liver



  1. Soak the pig liver in water for 3-4 hours, cut into thin slices

  2. Ginger cut filaments, onions cut into pieces

  3. Chopped pork liver, ginger, diced green onion, soy sauce, soy sauce, chicken, sugar, cooking wine, marinated for about 20 minutes (salty and sweetness can be adjusted according to personal preference, can also be added with a little sweet sauce)

  4. Heat the pot and pour in the cooking oil (the amount of oil is slightly more than usual, otherwise the pork liver is not good to eat)

  5. In the middle heat, the oil is burned to 7,8 minutes, and the pork liver is quickly fried. The pig liver becomes hard and can be cooked.


1. If the pig liver can't be soaked for a long time, you can also rinse the cut pig liver water and wash off the blood. 2. The pig's liver should be cut thinner. It takes about 2, 30 seconds from the pot to the simmer. (It will be fine if the pig liver is hardened after 5 or 6). It is not good if it is too old. 3. Sprinkle some chopped green onion, pepper, and a little sesame oil around it.

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