Recipe: Homely pig ears

Home Cooking Recipe: Homely pig ears


I thought about it while I was eating the pig's ear. The second brother, you died so badly...(; ̄д ̄)



  1. [Brass pig ear steps] Wash the pig's ears, put ginger slices, pepper and water

  2. [Brass pig ear steps] Put in warm water, pour soy sauce, pepper, cinnamon, star anise, ginger, cooking wine, halogen powder can be placed in the halogen powder

  3. [Steps for frying pigs] Cut chopped green onion, garlic, yellow, green and red peppers, cut the inner seeds and cut them into small round peppers.

  4. [Fried pork ear steps] The well-baked pig ear cleans the surface and cuts into silk. It can be cut into three pieces horizontally and then cut into three pieces.

  5. Garlic and pepper are scented and placed in pig ears

  6. Put a little salt, soy sauce, sesame oil


I can broil more pig ears at a time, and I have halogenated up to six at a time. Then you can divide it into a few meals, and you can use it for home cooking and cold salad. Children who like to eat coriander can change chopped green onion to cilantro~

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