Recipe: Homely braised flat fish

Home Cooking Recipe: Homely braised flat fish


Ping fish, the scientific name, is a flat sea fish. Because they are less tender and tender, they are very popular with people, and the housewives are also very happy to clean up. It also has the nutritional characteristics of marine fish: it is rich in high protein, unsaturated fatty acids and various trace elements.



  1. Wash the fish flat, cut off the fins, use the kitchen paper to absorb the moisture from the flat fish, and apply salt on the surface to prevent the stick.

  2. Fresh mushrooms are cut into small diced, garlic slices, ginger slices, partially diced with shallots, partially cut into sections, and red peppers are cut into small pieces.

  3. Put the oil in the frying pan, (the pan of the fried fish must be hot)

  4. After the oil is hot, put the flat fish, don't rush to turn it, turn it to a small fire and slowly fry, wait until the bottom of the bottom turns yellow, then turn over

  5. Go to the other side and fry until golden

  6. Add onion, ginger, garlic, shiitake mushrooms, pepper, aniseed, red pepper, cumin

  7. Put in boiling water and boil

  8. Cooking the wine, soy sauce, vinegar after the pot is opened

  9. Season with salt, sugar and pepper

  10. Put in the mushrooms and continue to stew

  11. Stew until the soup is thick

  12. Put a little sesame oil into the pan and add the sesame oil to the pan.

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