Recipe: Home version of borscht

Home Cooking Recipe: Home version of borscht


Summer appetizer soup - borscht is a soup that is very common in Eastern European countries such as Russia. The main ingredient is beet, plus other fresh vegetables such as cabbage and potatoes. The soup is rich in flavor and the mixed aroma of vegetables is combined with beef. In addition, the slightly sour taste of the tomato, this time with the pre-baked whole wheat toast, drinking in this summer, is definitely a good soup to restore appetite!



  1. Buy the cut beef and cut into small pieces. After boiling the water, add the water and boil for about 2 hours until it is cooked.

  2. Potatoes, onions, peeled tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, beef rolls cut the same size

  3. Put a proper amount of butter and olive oil in the pot, first add onion and stir-fry

  4. Add potatoes, carrots, cabbage, and stir-fry the tomatoes.

  5. Pour 4 into the stockpot of beef stew, continue to cook over low heat for more than half an hour, and the potatoes and carrots will be soft.

  6. Take another pot, heat it into the flour, stir fry until slightly yellow

  7. Pour into the beef pot and mix well. Continue to cook for less than half an hour.

  8. At the same time pour the beef roll, add the right amount of tomato sauce, black pepper and right amount

  9. Salt can be tasted


1: Onions and butter must be fried for a long time, so that the soup will be more fragrant; 2: Butter can't be less, add butter to make that kind of fragrance; 3: The fried noodles must master the heat, otherwise it is easy to fry; 4: I like the more concentrated soup, add some light cream, and the taste will be more fragrant;

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