Recipe: Home stewed yellow croaker

Home Cooking Recipe: Home stewed yellow croaker


It’s my signature dish. Let’s share it with you.



  1. Yellow croaker to scale wash and control dry a few knives on a thin layer of starch (so that the pot can reduce splashing oil and sell better)

  2. Put the fish in the hot pot, put the fish in one side, fry the other side, it is best to turn it over once, otherwise it is easy to break the skin.

  3. Put the onion ginger and garlic along the side of the pot. Saute the sauté and add a little soy sauce. Add the water that has not passed the fish. Boil the fire. Add the sugar in turn. Vinegar. White wine (must be white wine. The taste of the wine is not the same)

  4. Stew for ten minutes in medium heat, add salt to simmer for 20 minutes, do not need to turn over in the middle, otherwise the fish will be broken (the old man said that thousands of rolls of tofu 10,000 fish fish stew for a long time is very tasty)

  5. Fire in the soup, put in the parsley section, Titian

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