Recipe: Home-made sweet and sour small meatballs

Home Cooking Recipe: Home-made sweet and sour small meatballs


It’s too hot, I feel like I’m going to turn into a sweet potato, and my head is filled with paste. I can’t write anything, I’m not going to swear, I’m serving it directly, this time with the package. What we share is to make homemade sweet and sour croquettes



  1. Onion ginger is shredded, soaked in water, mixed with hand to form onion ginger water

  2. Stir the pork into a filling, add the onion and ginger water in portions, stir in one direction, transfer the salt, cooking wine, chicken essence, sesame oil, and continue to stir in one direction until it is thick.

  3. Hot oil in the pot, when the heat is 50%, change the medium heat, squeeze the meat into small balls (or take a small spoon in one hand, soak the water on the spoon, take the right amount of meat, put the meat in the spoon and the other hand The palms of the palms are gently smashed several times.

  4. After all the small balls are ready, change the fire to medium fire. When the oil temperature rises to 80% heat, put the meatballs, re-fried until the surface becomes golden yellow, and remove the oil.

  5. Take a small bowl, put soy sauce, sugar, vinegar, and water starch, mix thoroughly

  6. Leave a little oil in the pot, pour in the meatballs, then pour in the sauce of the practice five, stir fry quickly, so that the juice is evenly absorbed on the meatballs.


First, the choice of materials: the best filling of the meat, the ready-made will be due to the inappropriate degree of sputum or fat and thin mix is ​​not suitable for the taste is not good, the best to buy seven points thin three-point fat meat, when filling Be fine and rough; 2. Stuffing: The stuffed meat must be stirred in one direction until it is thick. Third, the fire: the first time to bomb, to use small and medium fire, fried meatballs, the second time to change the fire, the fried meatballs Fourth, seasoning: the amount of soy sauce and sugar should be more, vinegar should be less

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