Recipe: Home-grown lean pork liver soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Home-grown lean pork liver soup


This pork liver broth is a good soup from home. Drink from now on when I am little or not. To say that the pig liver soup should be stewed well, it must have the smell of pig liver, and the soup color should be faintly green. That is, you have extracted the essence of pig liver. The second is to put the lean meat into the block. Without this lean meat, this soup will not be fresh, and only the visceral taste will be born. More of that lean meat, the soup body is clearer and tastes delicious. Drinking a bowl of white mouth, the aftertaste is endless, that is a good soup. It's a super simple soup, and this soup is actually a big soup. In addition to the pig liver itself, nourishing Yin eyesight, plus lean meat is still a good soup for iron, because pig liver and pork are iron. So girls can drink more.



  1. Pork lean meat and pig liver wash

  2. Put lean meat and pig liver into the casserole

  3. Put in salt, cooking wine, and water

  4. After boiling, turn to low heat and simmer for 2 hours.

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