Recipe: Home-cooked potato stewed ribs

Home Cooking Recipe: Home-cooked potato stewed ribs


Have fun with the next meal! ! Look, still braving the smoke!



  1. The ribs are harvested in the water

  2. Hot oil, scallion, ginger, garlic, ribs, stir fry, stir in the wine, a little sugar, soy sauce, stir well, add water, not over the ribs, throw a small octagonal fire, turn the small 30 minutes

  3. Carrot potatoes are cleaned and cut into cubes, stewed in a pot, seasoned with salt, and the meat is rotten and juiced.


Carrot soft and rotten is more delicious. After the water is opened, it can be added. In this way, I personally like to eat the slightly crispy potatoes. I will put them later. When washing potatoes, I can wash the starch and wash it. Crisp, like the soft rotten mouth, ignore this step, love the soft potatoes and the carrots together with the pot, do not stir fry frequently, the potatoes will become a paste. .

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