Recipe: Home burning faucet fish soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Home burning faucet fish soup


Our faucet fish is almost always used as a soup, very delicious! Because the faucet fish is very soft and tender, we have a name called the nose squid ^_^



  1. All materials are prepared, the faucet fish is washed to the end and cut into two or three sections with scissors.

  2. Put a little oil in the pot, put the ginger and garlic into the scent (just a little oil, the purpose is to scent the spices). You can put half a root or a pepper.

  3. Pour the faucet fish, do not stir fry (the faucet fish fleshy soft and tender, the fish will be broken many times), pour a little cooking wine and soy sauce, add some sugar and pour boiling water

  4. After boiling for one minute, pour in half a bag of mustard and cook for another two or three minutes. Season with salt and season with chopped green onion.


Fresh faucet fish don't have to be cooked

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