Recipe: Hibiscus Pudding (Guyou Digestive Biscuits Edition)

Home Cooking Recipe: Hibiscus Pudding (Guyou Digestive Biscuits Edition)


The Oreo version has the same production steps as this version! Just change the digestive biscuits to Oreo cookies! PS: This is a three-cup material! I want to do more according to the materials!



  1. Use a cooking machine to make the biscuits into powder. You can also put the biscuits in the fresh-keeping bag and smash them with a rolling pin!

  2. Pour the whipped cream into the pot! Add sugar and use the egg beater to send it at high speed! Hit for ten minutes!

  3. Put the whipped cream into the squid bag (you can use the round garland or the garland!) First spread the biscuits on the bottom of the hibiscus cup! Then squeeze a layer of whipped cream! Cycle in turn! The top layer on the top must be broken biscuits! Finally, you can sprinkle with moisture-proof powder! The hibiscus pudding is ready! Enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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