Recipe: Hibiscus Pudding Cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Hibiscus Pudding Cake


Easy to make cake without oven



  1. High fiber digestive biscuit

  2. Two layers of tin foil are placed on the bottom of the mousse ring. Be sure to pack it tightly and don't leak it. (It’s easy to do without a curtain circle. It’s okay to find a round hoop. It’s OK to cut a Coca-Cola bottle into a circle.)

  3. Digest the biscuits into the blender and stir them up. (The picture on the picture is because the biscuits are not enough. The cakes added later are hand-kneaded, so it looks like small pieces.)

  4. You can use electric or hand to hit, fresh cream is added to the condensed milk to make a very hair. (I bought the bright cream and I didn’t even send it. It’s still a bit like the state of yogurt, it’s okay.)

  5. First spread a layer of biscuit crumbs at the bottom

  6. Squeeze the cream in a squeezed bag and squeeze it on top.

  7. Spread a layer of biscuit crumbs. Squeeze a layer of cream

  8. Repeat this to the top layer of biscuit crumbs. Put it in the refrigerator for 2 hours to release the mold (the edge is blown with a hair dryer, or rubbed with a hot towel for one minute)


This cake is very simple, the taste is very special, salty and sweet biscuits, plus frozen sweet whipped cream, I prefer to eat some slight feeling, just hard to hard out, and dig with a spoon Do not move.

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