Recipe: [Healthy three meals] cold chicken breast

Home Cooking Recipe: [Healthy three meals] cold chicken breast


The most frequent dish in my daily meal is suitable for adding fat. People who have eaten have said that they look at the boring taste of the white, and did not expect it to be so delicious, soft and tender. The best dishes to eat are often the easiest. Welcome to my WeChat public account: Sunny_Kreglo



  1. Cooked chicken breast in white water. Just ripe, it will be old, and it will be old after a long time. I usually have 1 piece of 3 whole chicken breasts, cool water pot, 16-20 minutes after the water is opened, and it can be easily pierced with chopsticks. Or cut an entire chicken breast into 4 pieces. After the water is opened, put the chicken breasts. When the water is opened again, cook for 3-5 minutes and cook. It is super tender. (The temperature of raw chicken is different, and the time is adjusted flexibly)

  2. After removing the chicken breast, use a chopstick to pry it into a large piece for easy cooling. After not hot, tear it into silk, the finer the more taste.

  3. Mix the sesame oil, salt and green onion.


1. Sometimes I put some cucumber silk or green pepper silk or sweet pepper silk, which is more refreshing. 2, the weight of the pepper oil and pepper, is the spicy chicken. 3, not afraid of fat, better with chicken legs.

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