Recipe: [Healthy Three Meals] Apple Curry Chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: [Healthy Three Meals] Apple Curry Chicken


We do dish which we come to in in one. When I said halfway through it, I suddenly remembered that the favorite Japanese curry block was apple sweet. The whole Fuji apple was left in the house. Let’s cut it and cook it together. The taste touched me. This, I think of talking to the fish today, if the kitchen friends live in a community just fine, finish eating together). After the apple is boiled, it is sour and sweet, which can soften the chicken breast and save the single sugar. When you eat, eat a soft apple, then eat a piece of chicken, taste good with each other, also suitable for people with bad stomach, can not eat cold fruit. The last cashew or peanuts must not be saved. If you like the thick sauce made by curry, you can add some starch or add potatoes. The unit of measurement used is a standard baking measuring cup and a measuring spoon unit.



  1. Apple first divides into 6-8 flaps, and then divides each flap into 2-3 pieces, the size is very suitable.

  2. After the pot is hot, put a little oil, put in the chicken pieces, sprinkle with black pepper, sea salt, fry until the chicken is discolored on each side, put it out for spare, or push it to the side of the pot.

  3. You can put some oil or not, put garlic slices, onion, ginger, carrots, stir fry for a few minutes until the onion is soft, add mushrooms and chicken and stir fry.

  4. Put fish sauce, curry powder, chili (optional), stir well, add coconut milk or milk after adding apple slices, add a small amount of water, until the water is less than half of the dish (please drink more water if you like soup) .

  5. Cover the lid, boil the fire, turn to medium heat for 10-15 minutes, mix it in the middle, taste the taste, not salty and put some salt, stuffy until carrots, apples become soft and rotten, chicken taste.

  6. Finally, open the lid and simmer the juice to your liking. The cashew nuts are chopped, especially good cut. Once you get down, you will be scattered.

  7. After the pan, sprinkle with nuts and parsley. It is good with rice, bread and noodles. The second taste is better.


Carrots are bad to be delicious.

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