Recipe: Healthy Pineapple Jam (Breader Edition)

Home Cooking Recipe: Healthy Pineapple Jam (Breader Edition)


I didn't like to eat jam before, I felt that there were too many additives and pigments inside. I heard that the jams are all made up of rot or not too good fruit, and even more dare to eat. It’s not that hard to make your own jam. The more important thing is that there are no additives that you can’t understand, delicious and rest assured.



  1. The pineapple was peeled and the small pits on it were dug. If you don't, you can let the pineapple help.

  2. Cut into small pieces and put them into a cooking machine to break them into mud.

  3. The bread machine barrel is equipped with a mixing fan blade, and the pineapple mud, corn starch, and sugar are put together in the bread bucket.

  4. The bucket is installed in the bread machine, the jam is selected, and the lid is closed. When the procedure is over (my bread machine is more than an hour), the jam is taken out into a clean, waterless glass bottle and sealed for storage.

  5. It’s delicious, it’s the taste of the McDonald’s pineapple pie, ah ah~


The amount of sugar and starch can be controlled by yourself. If you don't like thick, you can add less starch. If the pineapple is sour, you don't need to add lemon juice. If you are afraid of acid, you can add more sugar. If you like fruit, you can make two-thirds of the mud and three-thirds into small ones.

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