Recipe: [Healthy Energy Breakfast] Flowing yellow poached egg butter jam with whole wheat bread

Home Cooking Recipe: [Healthy Energy Breakfast] Flowing yellow poached egg butter jam with whole wheat bread


When I eat breakfast, I like the poached egg. It feels warm to poke the egg yolk! (❁ ́▽`❁) Every drop of Omega-3-rich health oil can't be wasted! ! ! It must be enough to eat with the bread and eat it on the plate! ! Here is the simplest formula with avocado. In fact, it is mainly to push the method of poached egg. If you learn it, the lower layer can be changed at will. Copying the restaurant like egg benedict/florentine is also stress-free. puff! [Please ensure that the source of the eggs is safe and hygienic and then practice the flow of yellow poached egg tarts! 】This recipe is for 1 person~ can easily double ❤



  1. Take a deep soup pot and pick up about 8cm of cold water and sit on the fire. Use this time: 1. Beat the eggs into a small bowl 2. Avocados are cut from the middle, and the two hands can be split in the same direction to separate the two halves. Dig out half of the pulp, add a pinch of salt and black pepper (and other spices you like) and knead the sauce with a fork. 3. Bake a whole piece of bread in the bread machine.

  2. At this time, the water to be burned should be fast. It is not necessary to open it. It is good to have a lot of small bubbles rising from the bottom. At this time, turn into a small fire, take a large spoon in one hand, stir in the water in one direction, a little faster, create a vortex in the center of the pot; then stop stirring, the vortex has not disappeared, the other hand will Take a small bowl of eggs close to the surface (as close as possible), and slide the eggs into the whirlpool. At this point you can see that the proteins are ringing beautifully, they will slowly turn into a ball XDD

  3. Keep a small fire and cook for about 3 minutes. At this time, the bread should be baked, and the buttered butter is evenly coated and ready for use! Then check the condition of the egg: At this time, some protein flocs will float in the pot, but it doesn't matter. The main protein part of the egg will be solidified. Otherwise, the taste will be very water. If the egg yolk is partially, it can be poked by hand to reach a meat like meat. ! 】 The general feel is almost the same. Then remove the main body of the egg with a colander, control it, spread it on the bread with a little butter jam, and sprinkle with a piece of black pepper. [Yellow face up concave shape, haha~

  4. eat!


Be sure to poke the egg when you eat it! ! Hahaha! ! ! ❤

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