Recipe: Health black hair black bean porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Health black hair black bean porridge


After giving birth to a child, I often have low back pain, and my hair loss is also very powerful. Every time I wash my hair, I will drop the ground and I will be depressed! I remember that before I saw a porridge on the Internet, I ate the porridge for half a month. The color gradually became better, and the spots on my face were light. The most important thing was that the waist was not painful. Share it here. Chinese medicine believes that the five colors of the five internal organs, black foods most kidney, and the side of the black sesame seeds have more beauty and white hair blackening effect. Walnut puzzle kidney, strong bones!



  1. Prepare the material and wash it.

  2. Put in the rice cooker, add the right amount of water, use the porridge function, simmer until the rice blooms.

  3. Add the right amount of brown sugar.


You can also soak the material one night in advance, and you will save time the next day.

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