Recipe: Hazelnut cake - traditional practice in Piedmont, Italy

Home Cooking Recipe: Hazelnut cake - traditional practice in Piedmont, Italy


In the northwestern part of Italy, there is a region that is a veritable mountain with good water. This place is called Piemonte. Piedmont has three treasures, scorpions, truffles and wine. The scorpion of Piedmont wants to thank the forests of the Langhe mountain range. The pure natural environment makes the scorpion produced here especially rich in aroma and has a longer shelf life than ordinary scorpions. The well-known Italian chocolate producer Ferrero uses the hazelnuts produced here to make Nutella hazelnut sauce. Hazelnut cake ingredients are extremely simple, only the hazelnuts, sugar, eggs. The real grandmother, the raw material selection, is naturally undoubtedly delicious. The only drawback is that it takes some time to strip the scorpion. However, the degree of deliciousness will defeat the troubles that you feel are bothersome. At least, people who have never been willing to spend a minute on eating this thing have eaten this cake. Because they want to eat it again, they have volunteered to spend more than an hour peeling a large bowl of hazelnuts. The cake has a solid feel similar to a pound cake, with a soft and moist taste, so you can make breakfast or dessert. This recipe does not require flour or butter. It is a healthy food. In autumn and winter, the warmth of the rich taste of the hazelnuts makes people happy.



  1. The peeled tweezers do not need to be baked, and are directly broken into fine powders by a mixer to produce oil. If the mixer is small, it can be broken in three times. This step is very important. The source of the cake's oil is the scorpion itself. When the oil is enough, you will find that the fine powdery scorpion sticks to one piece, and that is the fight. Even if there are some scorpions, it doesn't matter, add a taste.

  2. 3 large eggs plus 130 grams of sugar whole eggs (three minutes in the eggbeater)

  3. Mix the egg liquid and hazelnut powder, pour into the mold for baking paper (easy to release the mold), and smooth it. [Use 23 cm round mold or pound cake small square mold]

  4. Preheated oven at 180 °C, fire up and down for about 30 minutes (here according to the heat of your own oven, with or without fan function, increase or decrease as appropriate)


It can be stored in a dry and ventilated environment for three to five days, and the flavor will not be detrimental. Or put it in a good place, store it in the freezer (not more than 1 month), and take it out one night before eating.

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