Recipe: Hawthorn cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Hawthorn cake


Every autumn, it is sure to make hawthorn cakes and fried red fruits. This kind of pure natural snacks can not only reduce fat, but also dilute, which is very suitable for girls to eat...



  1. The purchased hawthorn is soaked in water for half an hour, then washed and cut in half; use a knife to remove the pedicle, the core, and put it into the pot (except the iron pot), add water, and simmer until the fire continues to cook; cook until The flesh is soft and rotten, and the flame is cooled down; firstly, it is fully whipped with a portable stir bar, and then the sieve is used to filter out the finer muddy mud;

  2. This process seems complicated, but it depends on the operation method; no need to add more water, any fruit will be heated when it is heated; the worse the soup is cooked, the more laborious it is to screen; if it is too troublesome, it will be directly burned into the pot after cutting. Afterwards, the impurities such as the core are removed by sieving, and then whipped into a thin mud;

  3. Pour the hawthorn mud into the pot and add 400 grams of white sugar to start cooking. At this time, the heat must be controlled in medium and small fires, and it is necessary to constantly stir to avoid the sticking pot; until the water is greatly reduced, the puree is thick. Completely hanging the spoon, not easy to flow; the last 100 grams of sugar can be decided according to the need to add; then into the smoother inner wall of the container waiting to solidify.

  4. This process needs to have enough patience, to slow down the water to volatilize the water, and the pectin is released and can not be cooked; many people complain that the hawthorn cake does not solidify after cooling, and there are too many moisture, no suffocation; When you enter the container, you don't need to apply oil. The good hawthorn cake is the same as the jelly. Once it is solidified, as long as it is inverted, it will fall off the mold by its own gravity.


The acidity of hawthorn is not required to add lemon juice. It is also added white. The citric acid is more than 85°. The hawthorn is the highest pectin content in the fruit, and it has the natural coagulation power; if you do Hawthorn cake does not solidify, then go back to the pot for a while...

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