Recipe: Hangover Risotto Rescue me kedgeree

Home Cooking Recipe: Hangover Risotto Rescue me kedgeree


For a festive dinner or a risotto to wake up the stomach, refer to Jamie Oliver's original party:



  1. Cooking rice, eggs

  2. Put the olive oil and butter in the wok, add the onion, pepper, and parsley, stir fry until soft.

  3. Add a spoonful of curry sauce and stir fry

  4. Add the cooked rice and mix well

  5. Add smoked haddock (no other squid can be used) and squeeze in half a lemon juice

  6. The boiled egg is chopped into the pot and chopped freely with a spatula

  7. Mix all the ingredients in the pot and turn off the heat. Lemon and a little parsley leaf embellishment


Smoked haddock and curry sauce provide enough saltiness. If you are not using smoked fish, add a little salt to taste. Recipe video:

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