Recipe: Handmade taro (fermented powder)

Home Cooking Recipe: Handmade taro (fermented powder)


The taste of the family ~ The whole family loves to eat steamed steamed buns and simply learn to eat the two treasures. Because it was the previous recipe, it was not taken, and the pictures were all from the network. Waiting for the map will be updated, forgive me!



  1. #1st fermented flour 1 bowl (household rice bowl) baking powder, 3 small spoons of white sugar (the smallest yogurt spoon in the supermarket) covered with warm water and noodles, fermented in warm place.

  2. # After the second fermentation is twice as large, add a bowl of flour, warm water and noodles, and enter the second fermentation. The second time is longer, the dough continues to expand, and the small pit is not rebounded.

  3. # After the second fermentation, add a small amount of alkaline surface (finger a pinch) and vent the dough until the dough is smooth and enter the three rounds. After three and a half hours, divide the dough into a scorpion shape and cover it.

  4. # The fourth time after the fourth fermentation, the carcass will expand again. At this time, the water will be boiled. After the water is opened, the basket will be steamed and steamed for half an hour. Note: Do not open the lid after the time, turn off the heat for 3-5 minutes and then remove.


1. Many people start to steam after the dough is fermented, so that the steamed steamed buns are not easy to store. For a long time, there will be a slippery layer on the surface of the steamed bread. The purpose of multiple fermentations is to remove the smell of the baking powder, so that the steamed bread is easy to preserve and the taste is fluffy. The disadvantage is that the steamed steamed bun is extremely! easy! open! flower! But it is delicious: P~2, the purpose of adding alkali is to let the dough stop growing up, should be less and less, can not be added, the consequence is that the whole process of gimmicks are growing up. 3. When the steamed bread is shaped on the cage, it is necessary to leave enough clearance. Otherwise, the steamed bread will grow all together and affect the appearance. 4, do not worry about opening the lid, otherwise the scalp will suddenly pre-cool and retract, let the hoes calm down for a while and then come out, pay attention to the distilled water when the lid is not dripping on the hoe!

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