Recipe: Handmade shredded eggplant

Home Cooking Recipe: Handmade shredded eggplant


I like to eat eggplant very much. For the cold eggplant, I usually choose to use garlic to match it. This time I changed the taste of the sesame sauce. It is very delicious!



  1. Wash the long eggplant all two (in length), steam in a steamer for about 10 minutes, until the chopsticks can be easily poked into the eggplant.

  2. Take another empty bowl, add water, first mix peanut butter, sesame sauce, then pour in sesame oil, June fresh, recreational vinegar, and spicy oil, stir evenly on the eggplant, or eat as a dipping sauce.


When adjusting peanut butter, add a small amount of water and mix thoroughly in one direction. After the peanut butter is mixed with water, continue to add water.

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