Recipe: みサンド みサンド ham ham egg salad lettuce sandwich

Home Cooking Recipe: みサンド みサンド ham ham egg salad lettuce sandwich


The so-called good trick is to put everything you like to eat into it~ then bite it down! Full of happiness, ❤️Ai Chao likes egg salad sandwiches, but feels too monotonous~ So I came up with the idea of ​​stuffing things around.



  1. Baked sesame toast with a small fire in a pan ~ (a small partner who likes to eat a soft taste can be omitted) I baked the fragrant toast mainly to let the warmth melt the cheese slices. After roasting the toast, you can slightly heat the ham with the remaining temperature in the pot.

  2. Place a piece of cheese on one of the toasted toast and place the fried ham on the cheese. Then put the lettuce. Put the mixed egg salad on another piece of toast! (See Step 3 for the egg salad practice!) Then stack the toast together! Wrap as much as possible with cling film. Then cut it in half from the middle with a knife~ Finish ✅

  3. If there is a small partner who doesn't know how to make the egg salad, I will briefly introduce it here. Egg salad practice: 2 eggs cold water into the pot, water did not pass the egg boiled switch fire for 7 minutes. Then rush the cold water to peel the shell. Put the processed eggs in a container and smash them with a fork (to your personal preference), put a little salt and black pepper, and mix in mayonnaise (see your personal preference to adjust the amount of mayonnaise). The egg salad is finished!


For salad dressing, I used Chubby's mayonnaise and Chubby mayonnaise with sweet and salty mouth. I like the slightly sweetened mayonnaise but it's sweet and sweet. So I bought two kinds of home to pick the sweetness according to my own preferences! Eggs boiled out will be very tender and slightly hearty eggs, like a more familiar little friends, please cook for 2 minutes properly ~ ingredients can be adjusted according to their own preferences ~ can also join bacon! Cream cheese ~ tomato ~ cucumber ~ ~ good is to add sandwiches to your favorite ingredients to make your own ingredients! It doesn't matter if the toast is not baked. If you don't bake it, the overall taste will be better. If you have baked it, you must grasp the time. If it is too long, it will harden and affect the taste.

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