Recipe: Ham egg porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Ham egg porridge


Just one morning, I couldn’t sleep when I was alive. I was hungry, hungry, and hungry. . . . . Oh, anyway, I am really hungry~~~ What do I eat? Yes, salty porridge, I want to eat salty porridge! ~~~ There is something in the family that can be put together to pull it, then this ham egg porridge is born, simple is very simple, but as a breakfast is really good, nutritious and simple.



  1. First wash the rice, wash it for a while, then put it into the rice cooker, put 2 bowls of water, boil the water and rice.

  2. When the rice is cooked at 8 minutes, transfer the oyster sauce, salt, and broth.

  3. Then hit an egg into the pot and stir it to become an egg flower.

  4. Then the ham is diced and placed in the porridge.

  5. Cook until the porridge is thick and soft, add chopped green onion, or you can drop 2 drops of sesame oil to make it out.

  6. In the process of porridge, always pay attention to the situation in the pot, do not overflow.

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