Recipe: Ham and tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Ham and tofu


Many people have a headache at the dinner table. It takes time to get a bone soup, beef chicken soup, and so on. It seems that office workers can't have so much time. Today, this 煲 (in fact, it can also be called soup), belongs to the fast hand series, in just ten minutes, you can make a pot of delicious soup. The fragrant fresh ham is released into the soup. The meat is tender and juicy. The tofu in the soup absorbs the fragrant, fresh and savory flavor of the ham, and is tender and slippery. Remember to touch your eyebrows after eating, if not, go to the soup to find, haha!



  1. After cleaning, remove and drain. The ham is cut into pieces, and the tofu is cut into small pieces. Put a little bit of oil in the pot and put the ham in a medium and small fire.

  2. Add ginger and shallots to the musk

  3. Pour into a large bowl of water to boil

  4. Put tofu and boil

  5. Turn over the fire and cover it for about 3 minutes.

  6. Open the lid and put it into the bowl. Cover the lid and cook for another 2 minutes. Transfer salt and chicken essence (if you want the soup to have a thick feeling, you can put some water on the starch to make a thin sputum), and sprinkle white pepper before the pot.


1. If you have broth at home, you can use it instead of a large bowl of water in Step 4. The soup will taste better. You can also add the kind of XX chicken or ham juice that the supermarket has to buy, which can also enhance the taste of the soup. 2. The ham should be scented and boiled. 3. After the tofu is put in, it should be boiled in medium and small heat. The fire will boil the tofu. 4. If you buy it without spitting out the sand, you need to put it in the water for 2 hours. Put a small amount of salt and a few drops of sesame oil in the water to make the sputum spit out the sand. In order to save time, you can buy the sputum that has already spit clean sand, and you can do it as long as you clean it.

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