Recipe: Halogen chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Halogen chicken


A dish with no technical content, you will get started~ On the day of rest at home, sleep until you wake up naturally, throw all the ingredients into the pot, and get the dishes for a while, so that the kitchen is also leisurely and comfortable ^___^



  1. Quail eggs cooked and peeled, mushrooms are soaked, and the chicken is washed and ready for use.

  2. Put the chicken, mushrooms, quail eggs, and star anise into the pot, pour in the Lee Kum Kee brine, add water and no material.

  3. The fire is boiled, turning to a small fire, adding soy sauce and sugar according to personal taste.

  4. If the juice receives less than 1cm of the ingredients, you can turn off the fire. If you don't worry about it, let the chicken dip in the brine for a while.


Do not pour off the water of the mushrooms, pour them into the pot together :) The reason for not putting on the soy sauce is that you don't want to be black, the soy sauce is also used for coloring, and you want to make a refreshing drop of salty ^^ Vegetarian chicken and shiitake mushrooms are easy to taste, so it is lighter when seasoning, otherwise it is easy to be too salty~~~

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