Recipe: Halal Lamb Slices

Home Cooking Recipe: Halal Lamb Slices


Less oil, less oil, less oil, no smell, suitable for the public



  1. The leg of the leg removes the ribs and fascia, and the silk is cut (against the texture, cross-cutting the sheep and ducks), and the thin slices are cut.

  2. Cut the mutton to make some water, and the water is going

  3. Eggs are beaten into egg liquid, and together with salt and cooking wine, put into the mutton slices and mix well, then add cornstarch and shake again.

  4. Cucumber and bamboo shoots

  5. Taste juice: salt, monosodium glutamate, vinegar, soy sauce, (vinegar and soy sauce ratio 3:1), a little starch, garlic juice (garlic and other water added)

  6. Non-stick pan, hot pot cold oil, a small amount of oil on the line, pour the marinated lamb, use chopsticks to slip, add winter bamboo shoots, pour the juice into the bowl and stir fry, add cucumber slices to go abroad

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