Recipe: Hairy mushroom soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Hairy mushroom soup


Chicken soup, mushrooms, hairy vegetables, shrimps, fresh layers, simple soup.



  1. The vegetables are warm and soaked; the fresh shrimps are washed back and cut into pieces; the flat mushrooms are torn into thin strips, the finer the better, nothing to tear slowly!

  2. Hot pot cold oil, small fire, fresh shrimp fried color, adding wine, soy sauce.

  3. Under the flat mushroom, turn to the fire for a while, turn to the fire, add chicken soup or warm water, and serve.

  4. After boiling, add salt, white pepper to taste, sesame oil, sprinkle with parsley, and pan.


Pleurotus ostreatus must be hand-teared, the finer the better, the direct determination of taste; no ready-made chicken soup, can be replaced by warm water + chicken soup (recommended) or chicken essence (not recommended); it is not recommended to replace fresh shrimp with dried shrimp skin; plumeria, mustard, Do not put these strange things in water starch, this is not a spicy soup! !

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