Recipe: Hairy fish ball soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Hairy fish ball soup



  1. Speaking cauliflower into small flowers by hand, draining and soaking after soaking

  2. Sliced ​​meat with salt and hawthorn powder or glutinous rice powder

  3. Fish balls washed out

  4. Pour the right amount of big bone soup into the pot and boil

  5. After the cauliflower is boiled, add the fish balls and roll.

  6. Put the meat into the slices

  7. After boiling the pot, put the salt and let the dish turn off the fire.


The nutritional value of the hair dish: 1, the hair is rich in protein and calcium, iron, etc., are higher than pigs, cattle, lamb and eggs; 2, the protein is richer, higher than chicken, pork, but also contains sugar, calcium, iron, iodine, algae, algae and other nutrients, fat content is very small, so there is a mountain "slim" ; 3, hair dish has the effect of clearing heat and stagnation, softening the phlegm, eliminating the intestines and stopping phlegm; 4, hair dish also has the role of regulating nerves, and can be used as an ideal food for hypertension, coronary heart disease, hyperlipemia, arteriosclerosis, chronic bronchitis and other diseases.

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