Recipe: Grilled tilapia

Home Cooking Recipe: Grilled tilapia


A simple three-step roast of a tilapia - Tilapia, commonly known as African squid, is a medium-sized fish. Tilapia is rich in nutrients and contains a variety of unsaturated fatty acids and abundant protein. In Japan, this fish is called a "protein source that does not require protein." Tilapia's tolerance temperature is 15-35 ° C, below 15 °, that is, in a dormant state. Therefore, near the Mid-Autumn Festival, it is the best time for the new Luofei to be listed. At this time, the mother will always buy a lot, stored in the refrigerator, and has been used in winter. The tilapia has a delicious meat and a delicate meat. Whether it is braised or cooked, it tastes good. Mom loves Luo Fei, the most important thing is because tilapia has no thorns, and several big thorns are obvious, especially suitable for small children to eat. However, tilapia also has a place that is not gratifying. It is not well handled. The smell of earthworms is particularly heavy. Therefore, before cooking, some treatment must be carried out before it can be used to make the fish delicious. 1. After the fish has been removed from the scales and laparotomy, put some yellow wine into the pot to remove the fishy smell and make the fish taste delicious. 2. The fresh fish is cut open and washed in the milk for a while to remove the sputum and increase the umami taste. Originally thought that the roasting would make the fish dry and affect its freshness. I didn't expect it to have no effect, but the taste was more unique, and there was a unique fragrance that was soft and tender. Definitely worth a try. The fish is wrapped in thick sauce and tastes full. The fish skin is peeled off, and the white and tender fish is instantly exposed. It is delicious! No extra way to go, this heavy taste has completely covered its bandit taste!



  1. Tilapia scrapes the scales, goes to the internal organs, rubs, washes. Use a knife to cut a few knives on the top to help the taste

  2. Place the tilapia in the pot, add a little soy sauce, soy sauce, salt, sugar, white pepper, onion, ginger, rosemary, pickled for about 20 minutes.

  3. Spread the tin foil on the baking tray, place the pickled fish on top, and paste the marinade on the fish, topped with a little juice. Preheat the oven to 220 degrees, bake in the oven, and set the time according to the size of the fish. Medium-sized Rofe, about 25 minutes. If there is no soup in the middle, take it out and add it repeatedly to keep the fish moist.

  4. If the tilapia is too large, you can wrap it in tin foil at the beginning, first bake for 20 minutes, then open for 20 minutes.


1. The tilapia must be cleaned. 2, tilapia washed, the fish body obliquely cut 2-3 knives, can help to taste. But don't be too dense, affecting the appearance, and the fish is easy to open. 3, the release of rosemary is mainly to try exotic flavors, no need to add. 4, according to the size of the fish to determine the time, do not blindly. If the fish is too big and you are not familiar with it, you can first do not put the juice, wrap it in tin foil, bake for 20 minutes, then open the mouth, pour the juice and continue to open for 20 minutes. 5, wrapped in tin foil, the fish is as fresh and steamy as the steamed, open grilled, there is a barbecue flavor, each has its own merits, you can try separately.

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