Recipe: Grilled squid with green onion

Home Cooking Recipe: Grilled squid with green onion


Grilled squid with green onions, authentic local dishes, thick red sauce, salty and slightly sweet, and rich green onion. This "roast" word may not be clear enough; if the blogger suggests, "fire high" is more appropriate, meaning small fire slow stew; however, the name of the dish, it is generally customary; which local restaurant only See "Scallion grilled squid", it doesn't have to be too real, right~~



  1. After the squid is cleaned, try to dry it. Dip a few knives on the back, insert the onion and ginger in the belly, and apply a thin layer of powder to the fish.

  2. After the pot is hot, pour in the cooking oil, immediately put down the fish, slowly fry until the two sides are golden and ripe.

  3. Carefully sprinkle the fish, add a proper amount of cooking oil and heat it.

  4. After the whole fish is put in, the wine is scented, the old soy sauce, soy sauce, rock sugar, the right amount of water, boiled and then simmered for 15 minutes, and then turned over once.

  5. Open a big fire, thick soup, you can put out the pot

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