Recipe: Green vegetable soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Green vegetable soup


Hey~ I don't know what this dish is called~ we call it here; spring vegetables~ Call it green vegetables for a while~ At home, there are only some of these vegetables left, so I can cook a soup. Very light and very healthy~ Only green vegetables, I am afraid some boys do not like to eat ~ add some pork ~ there will be meaty ~ with green vegetables ~ both healthy and delicious ~



  1. 1 green vegetables shredded ~ chopped some ~

  2. 2 pork cut into fine ~

  3. Inject 3 parts of water into the pot and boil it~

  4. 4 green vegetables first heat the pot to tumbling and then add the minced pork and use the chopsticks to keep stirring so that the pork ends are not spread out~ continue to heat until the vegetables and pork are rolled up~

  5. 5 salt, adjust the taste, then pour in an egg and stir into egg flower ~ pot ~

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