Recipe: Green vegetable ribs soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Green vegetable ribs soup


Before a small partner asked me for a broth soup soup, I thought about what the ribs can match, compared with the mainstream, melon, corn, yam, kelp, etc., but I prefer to present the original flavor of the ribs. So I used the green vegetables that I didn’t have any taste. I made this pork ribs soup. The soup is very clear, very fragrant but not greasy, very good!



  1. After cutting the small ribs, pour the water, remove the floating foam, wash it with warm water, and wash the impurities.

  2. Drain the washed ribs into a saucepan, add enough water, add cooking wine, one or two mushrooms, a piece of ginger, and season with salt.

  3. After the fire is boiled, simmer for 2-3 hours on a small fire. Before you drink, put the washed vegetables into the fire and boil over high heat.


The key to making the soup clear is that there is no impurity in the soup. Although it has been washed after drowning, the impurities cannot be completely washed away. My method is to put a coffee filter paper into the pot when the soup is stewed. The effect of adsorbing impurities is very good. In addition, in order to make the pork ribs soup taste pure, I did not add any big ingredients, spices such as fragrant leaves, only add ginger and few mushrooms to enhance the taste.

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