Recipe: Green pepper pork noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Green pepper pork noodles



  1. Stir the pork with a little water starch

  2. Put the oil in the pot and pour the ginger

  3. Sautéed pork with stir-fry until discolored

  4. Then add the soy sauce, stir-fry and stir evenly, put the green pepper in the pot, and turn off the fire with sugar.

  5. After the water in the pot is opened, add a little oil and salt to cook the noodles.

  6. After the noodles are cooked, remove the noodles. Put the green pepper on the noodles


1, the pork can choose lean pork, if you like fat, you can also use the meat divided into three. 2, if the green pepper likes spicy, when cutting, the seeds need not be removed. 3, mix the shredded pork with some water starch, when fried, the first will make the meat feel tender. In addition, the juice can be thickened.

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