Recipe: Green pepper onion fried with bran

Home Cooking Recipe: Green pepper onion fried with bran


I used to hate eating bran, because it’s always sweet and not dead, so I’m going to do it myself. In fact, this porous structure is best for sucking scent and soup.



  1. Wash the bran, squeeze the water, tear it into small pieces, green pepper, wash the onion

  2. Heat the wok into the oil, the braised bran is more oil-absorbing, you can put more, and the oil is hot and poured into the roasted bran.

  3. Stir-fry until the roast bran non-stick pan, the surface is a bit crunchy, directly pour the green pepper onion, open the medium and small fire, use the oil sucked into the bran to fry the vegetables, which is more healthy

  4. After the green peppers and onions are cooked, they can be seasoned with raw sauce.


Resolutely do not put the sugar version, the next day, after eating the green pepper onion, the baked bran was tasted by the mother, and the mother said that the baked bran is very good, not too sweet, quite fragrant, I said "nonsense, no How can sugar be sweet?" Mom said: You burn yourself! ! I am very proud of ~~~~

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