Recipe: Green pepper, green bean sprouts, fried minced meat

Home Cooking Recipe: Green pepper, green bean sprouts, fried minced meat



  1. All kinds of materials are washed, the green beans are removed and the green peppers are cut into a tube shape, and the pork is added to the soy sauce, starch, and cooking wine for 30 minutes.

  2. After the oil is hot, first pour the green beans and fry (the green beans must be cooked). If you think that the green beans are too dry in the middle, you can add a little water to the right amount.

  3. Pour a little oil, sauté the ginger slices and pour in the minced pork.

  4. Pour in the end of the sprouts and stir well with the minced pork.

  5. Add green pepper and stir-fry. When you feel the green pepper is ripe, add the green beans, add the salt, stir well and let the pan out.


note: 1. The bean curd should be removed before cooking, otherwise it will affect the taste and is not easy to digest; 2, cooking time should not be short, to ensure that the green beans are ripe, otherwise poisoning will occur; 3, in order to prevent the occurrence of poisoning, lentils should be treated before eating, can be boiled in boiling water or hot oil, until the color is ripe, can be safe to eat.

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